Source Capture

PlymoVent - Responding to higher demands for a healthy and secure working environment.

Source Capture of airborne particles, prior to their spreading into the local environment, is the most efficient method to achieve a safe and healthy working environment. Source Capture minimizes air removal and movement, thereby reducing required investment in air handling equipment and minimizing energy consumption.

With over 30 years of experience and tens of thousands of installations, the benefits of our method are obvious:

  • Optimal personal health and safety by capturing airborne particles, prior to their spreading in the local environment
  • Operating efficiency by minimizing air processed in ventilation and filtration
  • Investment efficiency by minimizing dimensions of ventilation and air handling equipment
  • Energy efficiency by minimizing the energy required to run the air handling and ventilation systems
  • Environmental efficiency by lower energy consumption and more efficient containment of pollutants

Our areas of expertise are:

  • Diesel exhaust extraction in fire houses
  • Extracting vehicle exhausts
  • Capturing and filtrating welding smoke and fumes
  • Capturing and filtrating oil mist
  • Dust removal and filtration
  • Capturing air borne particulates in pharmaceutical and food industries.