Air Purification Improves Productivity

By Brooke Saunders

A metal working facility in Canada installed dust collection equipment and productivity rose as a result. In addition they saved energy, and avoided any problems with regulatory agencies.

There is a perception that installing a good air filtration in a manufacturing facility won’t have a quick payback to justify the cost. Yet there are numerous situations where it does just that.

According to a 2009 article in a welding journal Weld Zone by Russ Olexa (read entire article here), productivity increased at a facility that put in air purification to remove welding fumes and other contaminants generated by metalworking and painting.

The president of WS Machining & Fabrication Inc., in Steinbach, Manitoba said:

“Workers don’t want to work in a facility that has air-quality problems. For us, using an air recirculation and filtration system is the only way to keep air clean without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in reheating it by moving the air outside and bringing fresh air in."

The cost savings on heating were substantial, as the temperature can drop to 40 degrees below zero in that area. The welding fumes are captured and filtered and the air returned to the room.

There are other problems that arise when air is not filtered, perhaps not as serious as worker’s health, but subtract from the bottom line. When the air is cleaned, the frequency of painting the facility decreases, and sensitive equipment with computers are less likely to malfunction. Also, there is less need for cleaning areas overall, and items that are being manufactured are not contaminated or damaged by pollution.