Plymovent Mini Man Specifications


Plymovent Miniman 3": Performance in a class by itself




The Miniman 3 ” is ideal for all types of smaller dust and fume applications.Totally free from internal mechanisms, yet easily operated and fully flexible, the Miniman provides efficiency and versatility in a class by itself.

Soldering fumes,vapours and solvents are effectively extracted at low air volumes and the unobstructed airflow allows for high air velocity, capturing coarse dust. With efficiency, versatility and flexible operation the Miniman 3 ” takes the first position on the market for small extraction arms.

Higher maximum air velocity

Lowest possible pressure drop

Lowest possible noise level

Supplied fully assembled

Reduced energy consumption

Exterior, easy adjustable joints

         Efficiency for the detailed work, the difference that counts

The unique Plymovent Clear-Thru fully flexible design means unobstructed airflow without turbulence and excellent extraction performance with lowest possible noise level.

It is ideal for soldering fumes, dangerous vapours and solvents, extracting efficiently even with low air volumes.

                        Clear Thru Performance

High air velocity thanks to Clear-Thru airflow takes care of dust in light
grinding and polishing applications. Smooth handling makes positioning
easy for optimal extraction close to the source, leaving the working
area clean.

                        Designed for economy

Smooth airflow and lowest possible pressure drop not only makes performances efficient, it also means savings in the dimesnsions of the system, less demand of fan capacity, smaller filter size, and energy savings.

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